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Susan Dirkes (on the right) consulting with client.

Susan Dirkes (on the right) consulting with client.

Nursing Resources LLC

Nursing Resources consultants are available to meet your needs for education, information, and empowerment of nurses. Over 35 years of nursing experience teaching, managing, mentoring and challenging nurses and sales staff. Specialty areas include device education, conventional dialysis, respiratory distress and continuous dialysis in critical care and expert witness legal consulting. We serve Sarasota, Badenton, Lakewood Ranch and Michigan.

How We Can Help

  • Are you looking for a medical expert witness or someone with critical care and dialysis expertise to help you win a medical malpractice case?  We can help!
  • Are you struggling with decision making with a critically ill family member?  Do you understand what the medical staff is telling you? Do you need a Nursing Care Expert? We can help!
  • Do you have questions about end-of-life decisions?  Do you understand your choices? If you need more information, we can help!
  • Are you interested in starting a continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) program in your institution?  Be a part of the cutting edge!  We can help!
  • Are you looking for independent nurse advisor to improve nursing practice and help you reduce infection rates in your critical care unit? We can help!
  • Are you interested in having a critical care symposium with the latest topics and speakers?  If so, we can help!

Who We Are

Susan Dirkes is the President of Nursing Resource Consultants. She is a staff nurse at the University of Michigan Health System in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit and the Progressive Care Unit. She has held a variety of nursing positions throughout her 30 + years of nursing in fields such as Nursing Home Director, Assistant Nurse Manager in critical care, Emergency Department nurse, doctor’s office clinician and Manager of Clinical Education for dialysis companies. She has provided consultation and education on a variety of topics nationally and internationally.

Susan has consulted as an expert witness on several legal cases involving dialysis and nursing care. She has spoken and published extensively on subjects such as acute renal failure, continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), dialysis, respiratory failure, management of fluids and electrolytes, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) end of life issues and critical care. Susan is a member of Madison Who’s Who, Manchester Who’s Who, Cambridge Who’s Who and the National Organization of Professional Women.